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Bartending School Las Vegas

Welcome to Ace Bartending School! Ready to start a career as a bartender in Las Vegas – the bartending capital of the world? You’ve found the best bartending school. Offering day and night classes we will have you certified as a bartender in 2 weeks so you can start working in the hottest night clubs and bars in Las Vegas.

Ace Bartending School has been the premier bartending school in Las Vegas since 2007. Our students enjoy hands on training behind a real bar.

Conveniently located in the Northwest part of Las Vegas at Rancho & Craig. 

bartending school graduation
Bartending School Graduates

 Morning Class: 10am-1pm M-F

Night Class: 6:30pm-9:30pm M-F

The bartending class is 2 weeks long Monday-Friday.

Next Class Starts: July 29 (Monday)
Tuition: $350 (includes books)
You can alternate between morning and night class as the days go by.


bartending school
bartending school classroom

Our classroom is actually a real working bar. You will learn in an environment that mimics the real world. This is the best way to learn how to be a bartender. Ace Bartending School has been training and placing bartenders in Las Vegas for 15 years for good reason: proper training. When you are in our classroom, you will actually feel like you are in a real world bar. After completing the bartending class, you will be completely confident in your bartending skills for the interview process.

Job Placement

Ace Bartending School has a job placement program that is included with our course. Local employers will recruit students from our school. We have placed students in all types of establishments including:

  • Casinos
  • Sports Bars
  • Hotel Bars
  • Gentlemen’s Clubs
  • Biker Bars
  • Stadiums
  • Local Taverns

We do not just have you memorize drink recipes. Our bartending class goes into the history and production of alcohol. Then we touch on local and state alcohol serving laws. Of course you will also learn health and safety regulations and how to keep your bar clean and in compliance with health codes.

Each day our class focuses on different types of drinks (Martini, Collins, Tropical, etc). Students will learn over 200 drinks and will repeatedly make the drinks at the bar. Only after students show accurate pouring will they be introduced to the next drinks. In addition to the drink recipes students will lean proper glassware and garnish cutting.


bartending school students
bartending classroom


We’d love you have you in our next bartending class. Let’s get your bartending career started today. Enroll online or if you have questions feel free to contact us!

Morning Class: 10am-1pm M-F
Night Class: 6:30pm-9:30pm M-F

The bartending class is 2 weeks long Monday-Friday.

Next Class Starts: July 29 (Monday)
Tuition: $350 (includes books)
You can alternate between morning and night class as the days go by.


Bartending School is a great investment in your future. You can make up your tuition in one day of bartending. Bartending school is fun, exciting, and rewarding. You will train alongside our instructor who has 20 years experience bartending. Our classroom is a real working bar, complete with hundreds of bottles, glassware, and real working bar equipment. The environment looks like a real working bar. The bartending class will teach you how to make hundreds of drinks. In addition, you will learn video poker payout rules, health code regulations, customer service skills, garnish cutting, blended drinks, and inventory control. After the two week bartending class is over you will receive your mixology certificate. We also offer job placement service at no cost to you.

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Bartending School Las Vegas
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